Yes, it’s that most wonderful time of the year once again: Christmas. Which I like to say in the voice of Ricky’s mom in Better Off Dead. “CA-RIIIST-MUS!” Thanks to many years in the retail trenches running a little shop around the corner at Pike Place Market, the turn of the calendar page still makes me cringe a little. So consider this my comics shock therapy: Twelve comics about movies set on or about Christmas, plus one Hanukkah film in the interest of representation (latkes FTW!)  Please find the schedule below and tune in on every odd numbered day right up until SANTA TIME for a new comic about a holiday film. I tried to go rather off the beaten path for films that aren’t exactly classics but rather provide some joy for those of us who can’t handle quite so much holiday cheer and snowy schmaltz. I managed to represent a surprising breadth of genres, including noir, action, sci-fi and horror, that one does not usually think of as going together so great with jingle bells. And I definitely threw in some schmaltz for those of you who love the classics.  I’m not made of stone, dang it! So hope in your sleigh and ride along with me for some holiday cheer because I think we all need a big cup of cinema eggnog right now.