So I cheated a little on the #Drawlloween prompt and changed it to RAT-urday from Bat-urday. I do love bats – chiroptera is a fabulous order of animal and deserves all the love we can bestow upon it – but my own “CineRats” begged to be allowed to do their own comic for #Drawlloween and I can’t say no to those whiskery faces and sad beady eyes. Todd and Tarzan decided to tackle the trifecta of rat horror films where the rats get to be main characters instead of just background extras: Willard (the original and the remake) and Ben. I appreciate their unique perspective on the films. And then Bevan wanted to “help” so he just sort of barged in to the center of the comic and did his thing for the holiday. Sorry about that, guys.

Todd  Tarzan

Todd and Tarzan in their natural habitat and non-cartoon form.


Oh, and Bevan. He doesn’t actually like being dressed up in real life. But in his mind, he IS the night!