I think I made it halfway through the 12 Films of Christmas and I’m calling it good. Apparently my stomach for the holidays was smaller than I imagined. I do plan to take a couple weeks off of regular posting to get a buffer going so I can be super reliable with a weekly comic that’s in a longer format with more educational (but still fun!) aspects to it. I plan to tackle Hollywood censorship and the politics of the studio system in January and there will be semi-nude lesbian pagan dancing in one of those comics, I assure you! Because that’s how it happened folks (and it’s my little Christmas present to me. Hey laaaadiiieeessss!!!!) I don’t make up the history of film, I just report it. Maybe with some spin. And cartoon clergy.  I am also toying with the notion of a weekly single splash cartoon staring the Cinepets that might also come with swag rewards for all four of my alert readers.

Anyway, please enjoy this meme. Feel free to share it as that’s what memes are for (And mono. I believe that is also what mono is for.) And if you feel like giving, please click my Patreon link and consider becoming a patron of the comic. More pledge money means more comics as a good chunk of the reason this December schedule went off the rails was me putting paying gigs ahead of this comic because popcorn ain’t cheap, folks.

Happiest of holidays and remember not to get yourself wet or eat after midnight, my little gremlins!