Oh Leprechaun. Holy jeez, is this film series atrocious. I honestly think the only way to actually enjoy these films is to first prepare yourself by drinking bleach, then putting a metal pot on your head and hitting it repeatedly with a spoon until your brain is sufficiently addled to handle the wooden acting, dippy dialogue, ridiculous plot and puzzlingly unscary little green gold obsessed imp with a shoe fetish.  But it was the best cinematic tie-in to the #Drawlloween drawing prompt I could come up with, so it’ll have to do.

On an artistic note, I had planned to just sketchily phone this one in as I have to do a bunch of prep to be gone all weekend to the H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, and was hoping to get Saturday and Sunday’s comics done today, but my EVIL HAND* had other ideas and went on an hour and a half journey into chiaroscuro for the illustration.  I hate you sometimes, EVIL HAND.

*EVIL HAND is what I have named my right hand because I sweat that appendage is a possessed like Ash’s from Evil Dead and it sometimes just decides to put lines, like, wherever it feels. What is happening in my brain and what is coming out of my hand is frequently entirely unrelated. Hence, EVIL HAND. My poor left hand is STUPID HAND and sometimes I draw with it for amusement purposes.