This comic took quite a bit of time to make and I’m still not caught up on the other #Drawlloween images, so I’ll make this short and sweet since the comic itself has pretty much all the text you need. I love Adrienne Barbeau. I think she’s ace and not just because she’s got a glorious mane of big hair and a chest to match as yours truly does. I love her because she brings a certain wit and gravitas to her roles in even the schlockiest horror pics. I love that she started her theatrical screen career later in life, at 35, when most scream queens and horror heroines are nubile young lasses just out of their teens. I love that she played Bea Arthur’s daughter on the groundbreaking television series, Maude. I love that she was a go-go dancer for the mob when she first moved to New York City. I love that she had a long stage career in Broadway musicals and won a Tony for her portrayal of Rizzo in Grease. I pretty much just love Adrienne Barbeau. And now, if you’re new to her work, I hope you seek it out and love her too!