Another super solid entry in the Secret Festival. Good variety and high quality this year. Definitely the “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” theme that we’ve decided is often how the festival goes. No, I’m not saying which of these it was.

The Landing was not my favorite of the festival and was definitely the least favorite of my viewing companion, Wilhelm. I picked it based on the description and recommendation of a couple of the programmers we’ve come to rely on. To quote the elevator operator in the David S. Pumpkins sketch on SNL, “100 Floors of Fright, they can’t all be winners.”

Kati Kati was really solid. We went in knowing very little about the film other than a couple lines of intriguing premise and were most definitely rewarded for our faith in the film. Another one, like Patti Cake$, where I was stunned that it was a first feature for the writer/director. In both cases the filmmakers were mentored by other experienced pros via various workshops. That just goes to show how important access to programs like that can be for getting new visions on the big screen.