I think there are still probably people living in North America who have never seen A Christmas Story, but they are probably living in a survival bunker somewhere deep in the mountains and consider cable to be an instrument of government mind control. Thanks to the endless yearly marathon on TBS, this film has become one of the great cultural touchstones of the modern holiday season. And, it’s funny and really sweet and is pretty much a giant scratchy hand knit sweater covered nostalgia bomb, ready to explode sugarplums and snowball fights all over the living room of our hearts. My whole family┬áhas this film pretty much memorized. It’s truly the meatloaf and mashed potatoes of Christmas movies – warm, filling and goes down pretty darn easy after a cold day sledding outside in the midwestern snow (or even after a dank day sloshing though the Northwestern rain, as yours truly does presently.)

I’ve mashed A Christmas Story up with The Twelve Days of Christmas to kick off the holiday movie cartoon marathon here (and because apparently I like pain because 12 full-color panels in 48 hours OMG WHAT WAS I THINKING). Please join us on December 3 for Scrooged!