So I didn’t do nine cats (for the nine lives reference) but I’m already into November with two more comics to finish for #drawlloween. Sue me. I will say that this was a bit of a “purrsonal” comic for me as I do love cats even more than I love scary movies. My grandparents’ super grumpy child-slashing fluffy calico cat when I was a kid was named Pyewacket thanks to Bell, Book and Candle and my own beloved Siamese-manx mix is named Jones, partly in homage to the cat from the Alien films. We’re also pretty sure the tiny cat with whom we also live is some kind of mostly benevolent xenomorph or that she’s actually guarding us from breath-stealing gremlins when she wakes us up repeatedly in the middle of the night, dancing on our faces.

Here’s my Jones, supervising the making of this comic: