This movie is a hidden gem of wackadoodle so-bad-its-good 1970s deliciousness and the bonus is that it was set and filmed in my beloved hometown of Seattle, WA. Long before the Emerald City became known as gleaming hi-tech hub of income inequality, ruled over by silicon giants like Microsoft and Amazon, it was a logging and Boeing factory town that got hit hard by the 1970s industrial recession. This is actual grunge on a working port town at the ass end of the United States, somewhere in Bigfoot territory. It’s like a terrible grindhouse movie with an actual small but working budget and a crew who knows how to operate equipment. Watch the film and say you knew us before we hit the big time. Also, Connie Stevens as an action heroine and sex symbol because sure, why not? I really want to know how this glorious turkey got made. Oh, to be a fly on the wall of that pitch meeting. Cocaine. That’s the really the only answer. Lots of cocaine.